Welcome letter to the participants of 2nd IWC

Dear participants,

Thank you for your persistent support to the 2nd International Wheat Congress (2ndIWC). We are pleased to inform you that the conference will be held on 11-15 September, 2022. A hybrid form of in-person and online lectures with online broadcast will be adopted. Both registered international and domestic participants are invited to attend the 2nd IWC online, there is no registration fee for every online participant, oral speaker, and poster presenter.

We sincerely invite you participating the conference on time. Due to the travelling policy, the oral presentation and posters will be delivered and exhibited on the website of 2nd IWC, www.2022iwc.cn. The oral presentation speakers are announced on the website and the Poster Submitting System will be closed on August 31, 2022. The E-poster exhibition system will be available on September 10, 2022. The further details of the online meeting will be updated from time to time, please keep in touch with us via leaving message to 2ndiwc@caas.cn or navigating the website of 2ndIWC: www.2022iwc.cn.

We are open to accept any suggestions and comments, you may reply us by this email if you have any suggestions and comments. If your friends want to join the meeting, you may share the register link http://events.hoohui.cn/dist/#/en/GJXM2021/2 to them.

Please stand with us together to witness the great event!

Kind regards,

Local Organizing Committee of 2nd International Wheat Congress