Q & A of 2nd IWC

Question 1: Whether the in person participation modality for this conference has been made definitive?

Answer: The latest policy of the Chinese government for international guests traveling to China is 14-day concentration medical isolation and 7-14 days home/hotel isolation; international guests who are willing to attend the congress onsite should departure from your country at least 28 days in advance and take preventive measures. For the Chinese citizens go back to China from abroad, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China should follow above policy as well. In addition, all the expenditure and accommodations are covered by the traveler him/herself. If the participant is out of China or in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan of China, we suggest he/she attend the congress online. The Local Organizing Committee appreciate very much for the understanding of international community.

Question 2: How to participate the online conference?

Answer: Register on the website http://www.2022iwc.cn/ is necessary. The LOC will keep in touch with the participants and contact with the emails which he/she released during registration.

Question 3: Should the participant pay the registration fee for the virtual meeting?

Answer: It is free for the online participants.

Question 4: May I ask for the opportunity of presentation in the 2nd IWC?

Answer: Though the presentation speakers are selected by the Local Academic Committee and International Organizing Committee according to the academic level of the abstract summitted by the participant.

Question 5: How to find the format of the abstract?

Answer: You may navigate the website http://www.2022iwc.cn/ and the format of the abstract is available in Download Column or the top of Notice and Announcement of the Home page of 2nd IWC.

Question 6: If I have problem in registration, who should I contact to seek help?

Answer: You may download and fill the form below, and send to 2ndiwc@caas.cn. The volunteer of 2nd IWC will assist the participants register online and send results to the participants.

Username (E-mail)


Confirm password

Family Name

Given Name




Street Address



Nationality or Region


On-line Participant

Full Participant


Accompanying person

Question 7: How to find the format of the E-poster??

Answer: You may find the format of the E-poster via your registered email address, we send a PPT version template to your registered email box. We also uploaded the format of E-poster in Download Column on the website of 2nd IWC.

Please feel free to contact us by email: 2ndiwc@caas.cn, if you encounter any problem during registration or need any further information that is not available on the website of 2nd IWC. The LOC are open to any suggestion and comments from your side.