Latest policy regarding for preventing the pandemic of COVID-19

Dear participants,

We are pleasant to hear from many experts to enquiry about the 2nd IWC, here we would like to share with you the latest policy for preventing and controlling the pandemic of COVID-19 in China.

The latest policy of the Chinese government for international guests traveling to China is 14-day concentration medical isolation and 7-14 days home isolation; international guests who are willing to attend the congress onsite should departure from your country at least 28 days in advance and take preventive measures. For the Chinese citizens go back to China from abroad, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China should follow above policy as well. In addition, all the expenditure and accommodations are covered by the traveler him/herself.

The Local Organization Committee (LOC) of 2nd IWC will provide a real-time update of the latest news about the congress and the prevention policy regarding COVID-19 pandemic announced by the Chinese government from time to time. LOC appreciate very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Let us walk together to hold a successful congress in this challenging moment.